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Yoga in the Workplace

Have your employees expressed an interest in a workplace wellness program? I am available to facilitate company retreats, as well as long or short-term class offerings, on a weekly or monthly basis. If your company culture is poised to introduce the myriad benefits of yoga into the work environment, I would love to discuss accommodating your needs.

When requesting a quote, kindly allow me 7 business days to put together a program for you. Prices will vary based on the size of the group and the length of the contract. Get started today! Email Carlee at


Reiki Treatment

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that involves directing unlimited healing force into the body, using its principal energy centers, the chakras. The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words—Rei, meaning universal, or higher power, and Ki, meaning life force energy. Traditionally, it is applied through hands-on touch, but this practice can be modified to suit the needs of the recipient.

What is a Reiki Master?

Reiki is not so much taught, as it is transferred from the teacher to the student. There are 3 levels of Reiki that one must study before becoming a Reiki Master. Each level is called an attunement. Once a student has been attuned at the highest level, they are considered a Reiki Master. I am a Master Reiki practitioner attuned at the highest level, here to serve.

What happens during a Reiki session?

Magic happens. I will walk you through an opening meditation to establish a sense of grounding and to create a sacred space. I will graciously open my heart and mind to meet you where you are. We will have the opportunity to discuss any specific questions, life events, experiences, or physical irregularity that you wish to disclose. Over the course of your session, I will be in a conscious, hyper-aware state of meditation. As I work my way through your energy centers, I will interpret what I “see” there. Information may come in the form of images, words, sounds, or general feelings that I am able to intuit. I will imbue your entire body with healing Reiki energy and aid in creating a feeling of equanimity.

To schedule a session, please call 530)409-5287 or email

Investment: $80 per session (1 hour minimum, duration may vary). Due to the intimate nature of Reiki treatment, each session is one-on-one.

Group Yoga Classes

Studio: Hot Feet Fitness Burien, WA

For the main event, we will gather in whatever state of mind we find ourselves in, and work to produce a state of equanimity. Some of the topics we will focus on in class—other than yoga asana, the physical practice—include breath work (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), yogic philosophy and study of the Yoga Sutras, mantra (a sacred noise or sound, or even a phrase), visualization, and much more.

Personal, Private Yoga Instruction

This is where we get to work beyond the barriers of a group setting and hone the cultivation of your most gratifying yogic path. Private instruction will support you in developing a home practice, serve your individual needs on the spot, and teach you how to adapt your yoga postures during group classes, when you are not able to have the undivided attention of a teacher. We will be able to address your quandaries based on your beautiful unique body. You will have the space to examine your goals in the presence of a qualified and empathetic educator. Keep in mind that we are not limited to focusing on just the physical practice of yoga, and you may use this time to elevate your understanding of anything from meditation and breath work, to mantra (a word or sound repeated to increase concentration during meditation), mudra (symbolic hand gestures), and the chakras (energy points in the subtle body).

If you are someone who has particular health concerns or injuries, you will benefit from being able to refine, modify, and balance out your yoga practice through personalized yoga coaching. Some common reasons students seek out private yoga sessions include: acute and chronic pain, recovery from substance abuse, recovery from eating disorders, stress management, matters in women’s health (pregnancy, menopause, postpartum recovery, etc.), or simply feeling intimidated by practicing with several strangers in a public class. My personal ambition is to meet you where you are and advocate for the best possible experience, both in private and group classes. Contact me by phone 530) 409-5287 or email

Investment: $80 per hour

Private Yoga: $80 per hour
Come as you are.

  •  Private/semi-private yoga
  • Group and workplace yoga rates available, please inquire!